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Gas Alliance Services are Gas Safe Registered and are a PartL energy efficiency rated company. Therefore we are able to install your new 'A' rate boiler for this scheme, giving you complete confidence in your choice of gas engineer

The chancellor of the exchequer announced plans for the boiler scrappage scheme in the 2009 Pre-Budget Report (PBR). Householders will be able to claim £400 towards the cost of a new energy-efficient boiler under a scrappage scheme for old boilers as announced by the Chancellor in his pre-Budget report. The scheme has now been put into effect as of 05/01/2010

One you have received your £400 voucher you can have your boiler fitted. Unfortunately you will need to pay for the installation prior to redemption of the voucher. Once the work has been carried out, the money can be claimed by returning the voucher to the Energy Saving Trust with an invoice once the work is complete. If you carry out the installation before you receive your voucher you will invalidate your claim and will no longer be eligible for the £400 rebate. To protect against fraud, the Energy Saving Trust states that "all submitted vouchers must contain the signature of the customer and engineer, as well as the Gas Safe registration number of the engineer.




To be eligible for the scheme you must have a boiler rated 'G' or less for energy efficiency. If it is gas fired and more than 15 years old, it is also likely that you will be eligible. You can also check if your boiler would qualify by searching here, checking your manufacturers website listing, or calling the Energy Saving Trust on 0800 512 012.

You must live in England and either be a homeowner or a private tennant. Landlords of multiple properties can also apply, so long as each vouch is assigned to a different property.

If you are under 60 the boiler needs to be in working order and be the main source of heat for the home. If you are over 60 you can apply for the scheme regardless of whether the boiler works or not, but the previous statement still applies

Vouchers can only be redeemed against an A rated or equivalent gas boiler

Legally, any work carried out on a gas boiler has to be registered with the Gas Safe Register as a matter of course. The Energy Saving Trust will periodically check voucher claims against work registered with Gas Safe

Please call or email for any further details. We will arrange an appointment for our engineer to call and quote the installation of the new boiler. All quotes are free and are with no obligation

Other Grants

Warm front grants are available for people who receive certain benefits or who are over 60.

These grants have to be applied for directly to the ‘Warm Front Scheme’. Do note that there are reports that you could wait up to 6 months for a new boiler to be fitted. Warm Front are also able to help you with other forms of home insulation grants.

For more information on this grant please visit http://www.warmfront.co.uk