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As a homeowner, our experienced gas engineers are able to offer many services

Breakdowns - Servicing - Installation - Replacement - Upgrade

If your boiler has broken down we will quote you for the repair. Upon arrival on a call out we will endeavour to get your boiler working as soon as possible. Our engineers will advise you on the most suitable system for your needs, taking into consideration the energy efficiency it will deliver.

Currently we are offering a boiler service at a discounted rate of £50 inc.

In 2010 an announcement was made regarding the "scrappage scheme" for boilers with a low energy efficiency rating according to the SEDBUK scale. Check the scrappage page for more details and to check your eligibility


Central Heating
System Flushing - Servicing - Installation - Replacement - Upgrades

System flushing is advisable if there is a build up of calcuim deposits within the system, which can cause its eventual breakdown. This is a potential problem in hard water areas, which can be combatted by the fitting of a water softner. The water softner may increase the life of your boiler, aswell as being more efficient and hence saving you money. One sign that system flushing is required is a sound similar to a kettle boiling, during boiler operation. Cold spots on radiators may also be a sign that the system requires flushing.

We offer a full central heating service. Free quotations and advice are given regarding upgrades. Call today.

Servicing - Installation

Have your gas cooker serviced annual to retain its optimum and safe working order.

Ordered a new cooker? Have it installed by one of our gas safe registered engineers to ensure safe connection. This is inclusive of a gas tightness test.

Servicing - Installation

Have your fire serviced annually to retain its safe working order this winter. Servicing of this appliance is often over looked and can be more important than a boiler service due to the open flue chimney.

Ordered a new gas fire? Have it installed by one of our gas safe registered engineers to ensure safe connection of gas lines. This is inclusive of a gas tightness test.